History of Rocky Mountain Section Past Executive

Rocky Mountain Section was established in 1949 – prior to 1949 Alberta was in the Prairie Section of the CIF. The inaugural Council of the RMS was George R. Hopping as Chair, E.S. Fellows as Vice-Chair, J.R.H. Hall and J.A. Hutchinson as Councilors and D. I. Crossley as Secretary-Treasurer. In its first years, its members took on the many roles in helping to develop forest land use policy, developing insect surveys, hosting technical meetings, developing the Eastern Rockies Forest Conservation Board including finding lookout sites and determining water storage and runoff characteristics. This was also the time of the planning and implementation of the Forestry Trunk Road along the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies. In the next decade, some of the notable contributors to the fledgling Section were Reg Loomis, W.C. McGuffin, Peter Murphy, Arden Ritz, W.M. McCardell and C. Sutherland, R.G. Steel and Jim Clark. The RMS members of this time helped set many of the policy directions of forestry in Alberta – many of which persist today.

From past records we pieced together a list of past executives of the Rocky Mountain Section Council. Remember that each of these members were the Vice-Chair, Chair and Director of the Section. We recognize the significant contribution of each of these folks (plus the many Council Members and other contributors) over the years!

  • 23-24 Milton Davies
  • 22-23 Beverly Wilson
  • 21-22 Beverly Wilson
  • 20-21 Ron Hall
  • 19-20 Ron Hall
  • 18-19 Victor Lieffers
  • 17-18 Dan Wilkinson
  • 16-17 Jeff Renton
  • 15-16 Ashley Lawson
  • 14-15 Alex Drummond
  • 13-14 Lorne West
  • 12-13 Jason Proche
  • 11-12 Stan Kavalinas
  • 10-11 Sarah Gooding
  • 09-10 Anand Pandarinath
  • 08-09 Mark Kube
  • 07-08 Don Pudlubny
  • 06-07 Ken Plourde
  • 05-06 Phil Robert
  • 04-05 Geoff Clark
  • 03-04 Todd Nash
  • 02-03 Alex Drummond
  • 01-02 Teresa Stokes
  • 00-01 Stan Kavalinas
  • 99-00 Jerry Sunderland
  • 98-99 Ken Mallet
  • 97-98 Don Gelinas
  • 96-97 Craig Quintilio
  • 95-96 Sue Michalsky
  • 94-95 Tom Brewer
  • 93-94 Thor Knapp
  • 92-93 Ian Corns
  • 91-92 Margarete Hee
  • 90-91 Conn Dermott

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