Student Membership: Why join the CIF?

The CIF provides students with access to a rich network of forestry professionals in the local chapter, across Canada, and internationally.

Alberta’s local chapter, the Rocky Mountain Section, facilitates events throughout the year whereby students can meet other professionals and learn about opportunities in the industry. Some of these events include technical sessions, student and industry networking events, chili and beer night, quiz bowl, national annual forestry conferences, and silver ring ceremonies.

Finding a career that fits does not always happen right after graduation from a forestry-related program. For many graduates, the first few jobs they try may not be the one that sticks. Trying out different paths requires a strong connection to networks in the industry. One of the main goals of the Rocky Mountain Section is to provide its members with access to this network. As the forest industry evolves, the CIF makes sure its membership does too.

Silver Ring

The Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) welcomes students to the profession of forestry for those who have successfully completed an accredited program of study in forestry each year with a Silver Ring. The Silver Ring is a symbol of achievement and provides visible evidence of a national bond around Canadian forestry graduates. The ring is worn on the little finger of your working hand with the tip of the leaf pointing out, symbolizing growth through a commitment to life-long learning and continuing education. The Silver Ring is a symbol of the CIF, and its principles as embodied in the Code of Ethics:

Responsibility to Maintain the Public Good – such as in being stewards of the forest;

Responsibility to the Profession including improving the practice of forestry and to maintain your competency through continuous learning;

Responsibility to the Employer or client with consistent, professional and dedicated service; understanding the consequences of actions; and

Responsibility to other Professionals with fairness and support.

The Silver Ring represents a commitment to live by the Code of Ethics, and to work together within a professional society that recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of forestry.

Student Quiz Bowl

The Student Quiz Bowl is a fun, academic competition between teams of students from forestry schools in Canada. Each team consists of a group of 4 students to answer forestry-related questions. Each year, the CIF sponsors the Student Quiz Bowl event that is held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting and Conference. The forestry school team that answers the most questions correctly becomes the Quiz Bowl champion with the bragging rights for that year!

Chili and Beer Night

Chili and beer night is an annual event for all forestry folks to attend. The event is a joint activity of the University of Alberta Forest Society and the CIF Rocky Mountain Section where the students compete in a chili cook-off. Forest industry professionals are invited to attend and are encouraged to judge and score the chilis. The Chili and Beer Night provides an opportunity for students and forestry professionals to mingle and network. The event is licensed with proceeds from drink sales going to Forests without Borders.

Photos from 2018 Student Quiz Bowl, Grande Prairie, Alberta

There is no cost to attend.

Past chili events have awarded participants for best venison chili, best vegan chili, and best chili overall.

For more information of how you can participate, contact the Canadian Institute of Forestry Rocky Mountain Section.

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